Disomnia's lifestyle


Disomnia is not a person, a company nor is it a team, Disomnia is a way of life


isomnia is the actualisation of ideas

Imagination can make us reach far beyond what our skills and abilities allow us.

‘Disomnia’ is the moment a creative project is bought to life, the moment that it all falls into place and the final results are compelling and without losing the thrill


Disomnia creates and develops a range of projects from brief to final delivery.

1. Analisys

Setting objectives and possible resources.

2. Idea

Development of creative concept and on presentation of the project.

3. Design

Design and project presentation/creative application.

4. Update

Project delivery and updating.


Illustrator / Graphic

Marketing / Social

Photoshop / Digital


Dreamweaver / Content management


Disomnia offers a 360 full service taking care of all types of online/offline media

Digital design

Graphic design



Tell me your idea and let me advise you, communication is the basis to get the right message. Let's Disomn ;)

You can also contact me: +34 697 387 656.